Lenard Harris was born and raised in Garden City, GA. He attended Robert W. Groves High School where he participated in track, basketball, football and ROTC. After receiving his diploma, Mr. Harris enjoyed a career as both a truck driver and police officer for the City of Savannah before pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice at Savannah State College.  However, his entrepreneurial spirit lead him back to driving with the start of his trucking company, F.R.E.E. Incorporated.


Several years later his mother became ill and he took on the role of her primary care giver until she passed away with brain cancer in 2010. He then moved to Jacksonville to give himself a new start and he volunteered at the City Rescue Mission assisting individuals struggling with various addictions. He joined the Lord’s Church Ministry under pastor Tommy Hartley and became an assistant minister there until moving back to Savannah in 2014.  

After hearing about the 2010 suicide of his favorite NFL player, Junior Seau, due to concussions experienced on the football field, Mr. Harris was moved to do something about it.  He spent countless hours meditating on the challenge and, while attending a One-Spark Art Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, he had the moment of great revelation.


A concept composed of all right angles and based on the science of the Stealth-Fighter came mind and, at that moment, Mr. Harris knew he had figured it out. After meeting with engineers who believe  the design will reduce and redirect the G-Forces at impact, on all helmets, he felt that this idea, like the Stealth-Fighter, should not be left on the shelf.


A light came on and he obtained a patent for his helmet in August 2017.  Afterwards APEX TRI-M Innovations, LLC was formed to support the introduction of the “APEX R90 Helmet”. The Finite Element Analysis (FEA study) of the helmet has shown that, in the crucial first five milliseconds, the APEX design changes the gross physics of the impact and creates a blow that is glancing in nature. As a result, the shockwave energy that reaches the head and brain is significantly reduced. The APEX R90 Helmet will not only bring about a safer game on the field, but also allow players to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the end of their careers.

Mr. Lenard Harris is presently the president and CEO of APEX Tri-M Innovations as he continues to grow with his competent and dedicated staff.