• After the unfortunate passing of a young NFL Hall of Famer due to brain injury related illnesses an idea was conceived. The Right Angle Helmet was created and NTS engineers  would later prove that it  decreases the chance of sustaining head injury and trauma by at least 37%.

  • The Right Angle Helmet will decrease the chance of serious injury, trauma and concussions. This will ensure a future  full of eager youth who can play the sport they love without the dreadful consideration of long term and lasting head injuries. 

  • The Right Angle Helmet will work as an improvement to basic helmet technology by not only increasing the safety of the equipment but providing a futuristic design upgrade just in time for the new decade. 

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Mr. Lenard Harris

    -The Visionary


    Lenard Harris was born and raised in Garden City, GA.  He attended high school at Robert W. Groves High. While in high school he was active in several sports such as track, basketball, ROTC and football. After completing high school, he embarked on several career paths. He drove tractor trailers for a while. Then he joined the Savannah Police Force as a patrolman.   He found himself interested in the law and he then attended Savannah State College and studied Criminal Justice.  But, having an entrepreneurial spirit he decided he would like to own his own company and he went back to truck driving and started a trucking company called, F.R.E.E. Incorporated.

    Several years later his mother became ill and he took on the role of primary care giver for her until she passed away with brain cancer in 2010. He then moved to Jacksonville to give himself a new start and he volunteered at the City Rescue Mission and assisted with those struggling with various addictions. He joined the Lord’s Church Ministry under pastor Tommy Hartley and became an assistant minister there until he moved back to Savannah in 2014.  

   After hearing about the suicide of Junior Seau, due to concussions in 2010, he was moved to do something about it.  He meditated frequently on the subject and while attending a One-Spark Art Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, a concept based on the science of the Stealth-Fighter came to him.  He developed and displayed a concept consisting of all right angles at one of the Festivals in Jacksonville.  After meeting with engineers who believe that the design will reduce and redirect the G-Forces at impact, on all helmets, he felt that this idea, like the Stealth-Fighter, should not be left on the shelf.  A light came on and he obtained a patent for his helmet in August 2017.  Afterwards  the TRI-M Innovations, LLC was formed to support the introduction of the “Right Angle Helmet”.  The Finite Element Analysis (FEA study) of the Right-Angle- Helmet has shown that in the crucial first five milliseconds the apex design changes the gross physics of the impact--Creating a blow that is glancing in nature. Thereby reducing the shockwave energy that reaches the head and brain. The Right-Angle Helmet will not only bring about a safer game but will also allow players to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the end of their football career.

     Mr. Lenard Harris is presently the president and CEO of Tri-M Innovations as he continues to grow with his competent and dedicated staff.



Tel: 904-442-3166
PO BOX 2422, Savannah, GA 31401


Tel: 904-442-3166

PO BOX 2422, Savannah, GA 31401

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